Monday, January 8, 2018

Paranormal Sightings | Magnetic nail art!

I'm baaaack! (Again.)

Today I have some exciting nail art to share with you! I used bow polish's Ritual which is a stunning magnetic polish. It has a mesmerizing cat-eye effect when you move your nails. Make sure to check out my instagram post for a video!

I swatched this polish yesterday and decided to use it as a base for some nail art. I ended up painting some paranormal things over it.
Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to photograph, and the glow isn't all that impressive either.

Monday, October 2, 2017

31DC2017 - Day 31: Honor Nails You ♥

Woot! It's done! Third consecutive year!

I decided to honor some pretty simple nails from hausoflacquer today. I love the contrast of black and white and I like a good simple skittle mani every now and then :)

Colors used:
- black, white
- essence - grey zone (ligth grey)

31DC2017 - Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial

Whoopsies. I didn't post this yesterday because I unintentionally spent the night at someone else's place even though I was planning to go home and actually do this mani!

I decided to go for a combo of side-swept and dry brush nails. I learned both of these techniques through tutorials :)

Colors used:
- Catrice - Sweet Macaron Sin (caramel/nude)
- essie - in stitches (terracotta)
- essence - love me like you do (pinkish brown)
- essence - i dreamed a dream (muted purple)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

31DC2017 - Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

These are really fun to look at!

For today's 'inspired by the supernatural' prompt, I chose to do my first ever mermaid scale design! The scales are freehanded and even though they're really simple, I love the contrast of the blingy base against the black lines.

The base is a wild mixture of black, all of the essence shimmer toppers, and a pretty opalescent glitter topper. I started with a black base, then sponged the shimmer toppers on randomly and finished it off with two coats of the opal glitter.

Also, where the heck has the time gone? I was really swamped this month with a group software project I was working on (hence the late and rather minimalistic posts) - but that is done now and I feel like I completely missed out on September.

Colors used:
- black
- essence - the moon and back! (pink to red shimmer topper)
- essence - you are my sunshine (yellow/gold shimmer topper)
- essence - my piece of paradise (green shimmer topper)
- essence - catch the wave! (turquoise shimmer topper)
- essence - crush on you (blue shimmer topper)
- deBBY - 29 (opalescent glitter topper)

Friday, September 29, 2017

31DC2017 - Day 28: Inspired by a flag

So, for today's 'inspired by a flag' prompt, I chose the flag of the Bahamas. I just really like the color palette (even though I'm not the bigest fan of yellow) and I could see it translating onto my nails quite well. I also used a polish I hadn't worn before for this, so I'm very happy about that too.

Colors used:
- butter LONDON - Slapper (teal)
- China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky (yellow)
- black

Thursday, September 28, 2017

31DC2017 - Day 27: Inspired by artwork

I'm fairly happy with these! I did keep it simple, but I really like the contrast.

I chose to get inspired by Keith Haring's work for this prompt. It's such a simple style really, but some of his pieces are really creative and meaningful.

Colors used:
- black, white
- Yves Rocher - Garance (red)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

31DC2017 - Day 26: Inspired by a pattern

Another late one, oopsies!
So today, I chose to do some nails based on a chessboard pattern - just to mention it right off the bat: Sarah from Chalkboard Nails did the exact same thing a couple years back and I definitely remembered that mani while thinking about what to do for today.

I especially want to apologize for the crappy picture quality today! (I took this pic in a different setting than normal, so that's probably why it's even worse than usual - I also didn't watermark it ^^)

Colors used:
- essence - miss captain (muted blue)
- essence - ? (silver foil from a tie&dye set from a couple years back)