Thursday, April 14, 2016

Radioactive Florals

Long time no post, again. I apologize. I'm a little stuck right now, idea-wise.

This mani isn't the newest either, I just never posted it.

This was done using glow in the dark polishes only. The ones I used are from Serum No. 5. As you might be able to see in the dark picture, the bubblegum pink I used doesn't actually glow. It's supposed to, but the bottle I received was dried up and gloopy inside, so that must have messed up the pigment. Either way, I love the rest of the polishes!

Colors used:
Serum No. 5 - Highlight (nude)
Serum No. 5 - Orange You Sunny (orange)
Serum No. 5 - Awesome Blossom (bubblegum pink) [destashed]
Serum No. 5 - I Gleam In Pink (hot pink)
Serum No. 5 - Kiwi Glow Now? (light green)

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