Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hearts Don't Break Around Here | Ed Sheeran inspired (again!)

"Daisies, daisies, perched upon your forehead..."

I'm back again with another design inspired by Divide! This time, it's based on Hearts Don't Break Around Here, which might just be my favorite song off the album (at least right now).

As soon as I heard the lyrics above, I had a pretty clear idea of a design - which luckily worked out really well! I'm so happy with these!

I used waaaay too many colors painting the girl to list them all here, let me just say that. I mixed a lot of colors to create transition shades and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun though!

The base is China Glaze - It's My Turn. Stunning!
The lettering (and part of the girl's hair) was done with Revlon - Chocolate Truffle (the Parfumerie version - so my nails smelled like chocolate in the beginning!)
Flowers done with white and China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky

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