Saturday, October 31, 2015

Finished Halloween Nail Wheel

Scroll on through to find out what polishes I used for each individual design!
Also, make sure to click the halloween tag to see all of this year's halloween manis!

1. see this post

2. all access pass - essie (purple base)
#splatter green - claire's (green, black & white glitter topper)

3. spin the bottle - essie (nude)
Budding Romance - China Glaze (murky green)
(& loads of top coat to make it 3D!)

4. Lady And The Vamp - China Glaze (neon orange)
Electric Eyes - claire's (sheer neon yellow)
licorice - essie (black)

5. Green On The Runway - OPI (green to brown duochrome)
Paint It White - Manhattan (white)

6. lady captain - essence (muted blue)
fly firefly fly - essence (glow in the dark topcoat)
licorice - essie (black)

7. Lady And The Vamp - China Glaze (neon orange)
licorice - essie (black)

8. royal blue - MaXfactor (navy)
blurry up! - essence (sheer white)
Paint It White - Manhatan (white)
I Sea Your Point - China Glaze (medium blue)

9. spin the bottle - essie (nude)
It's All About That Red - Catrice (light red)
forever yummy - essie (medium red)
do you speak love? - essence (dark red)

10. licorice - essie (black)
City Girls Rule! - essence (silver)

11. Lady And The Vamp - China Glaze (neon orange)
licorice - essie (black)

12. spin the bottle - essie (nude)
Your Favorite - Manhattan (dark red/oxblood)

licorice - essie (black)
matte topcoat
regular glossy topcoat

14 + 15. 105 - Life (neon green with black glitter)
107 - Life (neon yellow with black glitter)
licorice - essie (black)

16. licorice - essie (black)
Alpine Snow - OPI (white)

17. Alpine Snow - OPI (white)
80 - ArtDeco (darker orange)
Happy Go Lucky - China Glaze (yellow)

18. Alpine Snow - OPI (white)
Black To The Routes - Catrice (black)
do you speak love? - essence (darker red)

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