Monday, September 21, 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 21: Inspired by a color

We've reached the 'inspired by...' prompts, which means we're two thirds through with the challenge! These last couple prompts tend to be the ones I dread, because I don't watch enough movies or read enough books to actually do manicures based on one of them. Nevertheless, it needs to be done, so I will try and find a way to make it work.

Today's prompt is 'Inspired by a color' and I chose London Town by Sundown by Catrice.
It's a beautiful shimmery dark red and I used it as part of the gradient. It ended up showing through on my index finger only though.

Here's what on my fingers:
Index: London Eye (this one was hard to freehand!)
Middle: London Tower
Ring: Big Ben (I couldn't fit all of it onto my nail :/)
Pinky: British Museum

I hard a hard time picking out which sights to paint, so I kinda ended up picking random ones.

Bonus picture! Here's what the gradient looked by itself. I would definitely wear this on its own! (Make sure to click on the picture to magnify it!)

Colors used:
essence - miss captain (muted blue-grey)
Formula X - Dynamite (dark yellow, slightly orange at times)
butter LONDON - Sunbaker (deep muted orange) [destashed]
Catrice - London Town at Sundown (shimmery dark red)

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